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One Of The Best Decisions Of My Life!

Becoming a self published author was one of the steepest learning curves of my life thus far – but the most rewarding. I wouldn’t recommend doing it unless you are absolutely in love with your book and have an absolute passion and zeal to market it once it’s printed!

I was very blessed to find the most amazing illustrator and fabulous publishing company – both essential for success!

My illustrator (Kirsty Camilleri) knows exactly what I want and transforms my creative ideas into stunning illustrations – which makes Tessas’s Books Of Elegance come to life!

And as far as Publishing Companies go - I highly recommend InHouse Publishing – they are a family owned and run business and are super supportive! I was very impressed with their level of assistance, knowledge and patience before, during and after the printing of my book. Not only that – they have an online bookstore where your book is promoted and for sale! They also offer tutorials on all kinds of topics which are really helpful.

So, no wonder I’m going back for more with my 2nd book due to be released in June 2019!

Instagram: tessasbooksofelegance

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