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Adaptability—The New Creative Edge

For many of us, as business owners, 2020 has thrust us into suddenly having to adapt to new and ever-changing rules, conditions, circumstances and business practices. I have spoken to many small business owners and they have shared with me how they have had to adapt their business to survive these uncertain times. Unfortunately, however, some haven’t been able to adapt and have had to shut down, which is incredibly sad. Personally, as an author, I have had to quickly change how I market and sell my books. I can’t rely on traditional methods like book signings, library author workshops, holding tea or ballet parties in bookstores and the like. So, I’ve had to expand in other areas and I can only write and share about the few things I have started to do in the last few months that have worked for me in regards to reaching new audiences and creating further awareness for my books, thus the choosing of the title of this blog— Adaptability—The New Creative Edge.

  1. Blogging. For me, it has taken me a while to really get into the swing of writing blogs. As I was completely focused on marketing my books in a particular way and really never gave much thought or effort to blogging. However, since becoming a @oceanreevepublishing author I was encouraged to start writing blogs as part of the author mentorship. I am so glad I did as now I have had my blogs published in @myvillagenews, @kidspot, @newscorp newspapers Australia wide and @fmagazine. This, in turn, has created much more awareness, also leading to radio interviews and has resulted in sales.

  2. Videos. My children’s books are activity-based storybooks, so we have started creating videos based on the activities in each book for children to follow. I certainly wasn’t expecting to do this and it has been a challenge to learn about, lighting, sound, speaking clearly, screen presence etc. but loads of fun in the meantime! We will be uploading them to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Again this is another creative outlet to promote further awareness about my books.

  3. Reviews/ Endorsements. I am grateful for every review received as it means so much to me to read why adults and children are enjoying the books I wrote. In addition, to my surprise, the Lord Mayor of Brisbane Adrian Schrinner bought my first book and wrote a beautiful review, which I’m extremely proud of. We have also been encouraged to write or record video reviews on other authors books in the @oceanreevepublishing group of creative authors, (and of course outside the group too), which has led to such amazing networks and collaborations. Another excellent way to cross-promote your books is to seek an endorsement from a company that compliments your books. For example for my second book I received the backing from the Qld Ballet to sell my books at their ballet performances at QPAC and other venues and for my 3rd book another endorsement from a major retailer, however, due to COVID that is postponed until 2021.

  4. Book reviewers. I contacted several book reviewers on Instagram and asked if they would like to review my books. One, in particular, was very interested and loved my books so much, they continued to share my posts and promote my books several months later. This opened up my books to their followers, one of which happened to be a major bookstore who then ordered some copies.

  5. Awards. I would encourage you to enter as many relevant awards as possible and post it everywhere to gain support and encouragement. I have entered 3 Awards thus far and the outcomes will be revealed over the course of 2020 and another in 2021. In entering you also have an opportunity to network and possibly collaborate with other entrants, again gain new exposure for your books and maybe win the Award. Since entering the @Ausmumpreneur Awards 2020 in the Qld Author category I have been featured in 2 magazines and gained so much support for my books, it’s been amazing.

In closing, heading into the end of 2020 as 2021 draws closer, I hope this post has been helpful in inspiring you to think outside the traditional ways you market your business and give you some thought to being adaptable as it really is the new creative edge.


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