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How to Add Value to Someone’s Life

Now more than ever it is so important to consciously and genuinely add value to someone’s life as often as possible. I’m not only talking about physical items, I’m talking about adding value by speaking life, encouragement, and uplifting words into other people’s lives. And yes people you don’t know, that aren’t in your circle of friends or family. Oh and not words of flattery to gain an advantage, but genuine words of encouragement, not seeking anything in return. I’m always wary of the type of people that flatter you to gain something for their own advantage or have a mindset of constantly looking for ways to take, take, take, looking for ways to get as much as possible from other people. I really think it’s one of the ugliest of ways to think and live. Is it really so hard to be genuinely kind to others, to not keep track of your giving and not expecting anything in return? Imagine how many more creative and world-changing people would be in the world – really making a difference.

I always liked the concept of that movie in the year 2000 ‘Pay It Forward’. It is about a boy who has an idea for his class assignment, on showing kindness to 3 people – naming the project ‘Pay It Forward.’ However, what I’m talking about is a conscious change in the way people think. Why stop at 3 people? There are limitless ways you can genuinely add value to someone’s life. Have you ever had random strangers compliment you on the way you dress, your hair, admire something you have created, smiled at you, just being friendly? I hope so as I have experienced it and it needs to happen more often.

I am involved with an extremely supportive and encouraging group of authors via my publisher @oceanreevepublishing and in addition have had the opportunity to also be involved with other author groups, who are also very supportive. It really does make all the difference. I was on a Zoom call with Ocean Reeve (M.D.), Joshua Clifton (Marketing) and many of the authors at Ocean Reeve Publishing and I was a bit discouraged that particular day with how my marketing was going. Well little did I know that Ocean and Joshua had organised to genuinely say what they like about me and encouraged me so much – it turned my whole day around and I continued with my marketing plan for that day. I then found out I was a nominee and finalist in the Ausmumpreneur Awards, got a page write up from Newscorp Australia wide with a blog I wrote, 2 magazine features and radio interviews. Encouragement and collaboration go such a long way and makes such a difference in peoples’ lives.

In contrast a few months ago, after I had been following and supporting a semi-successful author, I decided to reach out as a fellow author, well lets’ just say his response was less than encouraging - he was way too busy to have anything to do with me, on his own path, all out for himself. I’m not judging him, and if that is how he wants to live and treat other people that is his business, however, I’d rather live and think in the way of “How can I add value to someone’s life today?” (completely with no motives or a now you owe me one mentality). Imagine if a large majority of the population started doing this? I believe there would be fewer feelings of hopelessness, less loneliness, less suicide, less bullying, and the list goes on.

I was on the phone the other day booking our holiday and the lady on the other end was just so rude and grumpy. A while ago I would have been like “Can I please speak to the manager?” or would have said something to her (please don’t call me Karen), however this time I thought well, I don’t know what her day, week or year has been like so I thought to start having a bit of fun with her and soon she was laughing and her attitude was completely turned around. In the end, she couldn’t do enough for me and added extras to our holiday. I certainly didn’t seek to gain anything and the joy of hearing her laugh was really enough for me and we both left the call in a jovial manner.

Seriously, life is a precious gift, it shouldn’t be wasted by complaining, grumbling, being critical of others, and seeking to pull them down. It can have such a devastating effect on other people. If only the faceless keyboard bullies could start to think “How can I add value to someone’s life today?” If only they could actually show some kindness and turn their nasty, demoralising and unkind words into words of hope, kindness, and encouragement – what a different place the world would be for our youth and all of us. Imagine how many more creative and world-changing people would be making a difference on the planet for everyone’s betterment.


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