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TALENTS – Share The Love!

Over time I had noticed that technology had suddenly and dramatically influenced children in a lot of ways. Not all bad - however it can very easily take over other important necessary skills, conversation, hospitality and talents.

My daughter had some spare fondant left over from a cake we were making and as I was cleaning up she had made this most gorgeous yellow fondant rose! (Sprinkled with edible glitter of course!)

Giving children the opportunity and to encourage them to use their talents, learn new ones and then share them with others is the most wonderful enriching things we can do as parents, educators and carers.

In each of my books there are many talents to explore – encouraging children to be creative – so you’ll never hear those words “I’m bored!” again!

My desire is that Tessa’s Books Of Elegance will encourage children to use their talents and discover new ones and hope that it will inspire them to create, teach, communicate and to show hospitality and kindness to others.


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1 Yorum

11 Mar 2019

Jacqui what a beautiful story about the left over fondant and what a gorgeous creation....very talented little girl! :)

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