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Why did I start to write beautiful books for children that include: beautiful art projects, promoting conversation, getting together to enjoy something beautiful that they created, manners, creating an elegant setting, how to cook delicious food and how to say thank you and much more…. I had to say “Why not!???”

After years of loving teaching children in the area of arts/crafts and DIY projects – and seeing the absolute joy it brought to them personally and how it inspired them…I had to say why not write beautiful books to include these things and much more!

So Tessa’s Books Of Elegance were born! The first book in the series is called:

‘The Lovely, Beautiful And Very Elegant Tea Party’ Bk 1. (

The books are more than stories - they invite children to come along and join Tessa (the main character in every book) in planning, designing and making everything to do with having an elegant tea party!

I am thrilled to see mothers and daughters having elegant tea parties together – even for their birthday parties and delighted to see big brothers joining in teaching their younger sisters how to fold Tessa’s Love Heart Napkins!!

When you are so passionate about something that brings so much joy to others – don’t say “Why?” say “Why not!”

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Feb 28, 2019

What beautiful memories, so true our children do grow up so quickly! Is an important reminder to cherish every day, and Tessa's books are a fantastic way to spend time together!! Thanks for sharing :)

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