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Why Do You Want To Become An Author?

When I started to write my books years ago, I was often asked by people, “Why do you want to become an author?” Personally, after years of really loving teaching children in the area of arts/crafts and DIY projects—and seeing the absolute joy it brought to them personally and how it inspired them—it in turn inspired me to write beautiful books for children that include: beautiful art projects, promoting conversation, getting together to enjoy something beautiful that they created, manners, creating an elegant setting, how to cook delicious food and how to say thank you and much more. Therefore, the books are more than stories—they invite children to come along and join Tessa (the main character in every book) in planning, designing, and making everything to do with having an elegant tea party!

So, Tessa’s Books Of Elegance were born! The first book in the series is called: ‘The Lovely, Beautiful and Very Elegant Tea Party’ Bk.1, the second is ‘Leap For Joy And Twirl About Tessa’s Elegant Ballet’ Bk.2 and the third is ‘Design Your Own Elegant Bedroom Décor With Tessa’, Bk.3, due out very soon. ( There are many benefits like, for example, the thrills I get from seeing mothers, daughters, grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, friends, etc. having elegant get-togethers—even for their birthday parties and delighted to see big brothers joining in teaching their younger sisters how to fold Tessa’s Love Heart Napkins!!

Also in a world where pulling each other down and being critical towards one another is becoming a ‘norm’—‘Tessa’s Books Of Elegance’ encourage girls to be kind, to be thankful, to give, inspire and support one another in their goals/dreams. Being unkind, nasty and critical of others can have long lasting effects on the mental health of people- which fosters isolation and contributes to feelings of unhappiness, unworthiness and hopelessness. My books encourage people to come together- to create beautiful keepsakes and cultivate individual creativity—but more importantly—to encourage having conversations with one another—creating a compassionate and caring environment and therefore lessening feelings of loneliness and isolation among children.

Being an author, you now own your own small business (if you’re in it to make a profit) and I have learnt the concept of how to work smarter (not harder), as I’ve learnt the most important commodity I have is my time and how to use it wisely. In addition, my activity on Social Media, book signings, author workshops etc. doesn’t always equal book sales—it’s all about building and making life-long connections and relationships. You have to be %100 passionate, dedicated and inspired about your business—because if you’re not, how can you expect other people to be? Also, to surround yourself with creative, inspiring people who have caught the essence of your vision and want to also see it come to pass is essential. I have an excellent illustrator who knew exactly what I wanted my main and supporting characters to look like and she immediately caught the vision of what I wanted to portray. In addition, I have now found an excellent publisher—who is more than a publisher—who has very visionary, forward, and creative-thinking. (

Finally for me, as an author it is so rewarding to see my thoughts, ideas, vision and voice come together into a book for others to read and actually enjoy. A highlight for me was when a grandfather called me to say thank you for writing my books as it had brought out so many talents in his granddaughter they never knew was there. She had organised a tea party, planned the whole afternoon, menu, decorations, and delegated jobs! Another was when a 12-year-old-girl wrote how she was going to pass the books down to her daughters! I was just so thrilled to hear and read this feedback, as this was one of the purposes of writing my activity/story books. Basically, I haven’t looked back since becoming an author and it has been one of the most amazing, enjoyable and excellent pursuits I have ever undertaken.

I’m sure over time I will have many more answers when asked, “Why do you want to be an author?

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