Come along and join Tessa on her Lovely, Beautiful and Very Elegant Tea Party.  

You will be doing everything together; from making the invitations, cooking, decorating, sewing and dress designing! 

Your friends and family will be amazed at your talents when they come to your very own Lovely, Beautiful and Very Elegant Tea Party. 

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Come along and join Tessa as you both Leap for Joy and Twirl About in a very elegant ballet performance.

Together you will be learning the basic steps of ballet, making invitations, cooking, designing tutus and ballet shoes, and creating beautiful hairstyles!

Your friends and family will be so excited to see you Leap for Joy and Twirl About in your lovely tutu!

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Come along and join Tessa as you learn about colour, design and colour themes! 

You will make elegant décor by repurposing a chair or desk, create no-sew t-shirt pillows, decorate lamps/baskets, make collage canvases, design beautiful hanging decorations, sew your own sausage dog nad much more! 

Your friends and family will be thrilled to see your new bedroom décor! 


"I’m so proud of local Brisbane author Jacqui for creating this delightful book that I’ve been able to give to my daughter Octavia. The things I loved most about it are that it’s so much more than just a beautifully illustrated read, it’s also educational, in an entertaining way with practical elements to keep little, growing minds busy and teach them new skills. I encourage everyone, whether a birthday is coming up or just a surprise, to have this book on hand as the perfect present."

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner - Brisbane


"My little girl is obsessed with Tessa’s Books Of Elegance, the books are beautifully written and the presentation is delightfully appealing to little girls. 

Both books are packed with fun craft, recipes and activities with easy to follow instructions. My little girl Nancy is only 6 and just beginning to read but I couldn’t count the hours she has spent leafing through the pages. She is already planning her high tea birthday party with so much excitement! We cannot wait for the next book to see what fun Tessa has in store!"

Aine McLean

Heavenly High Tea Hire - Event Planner