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Leap For Joy And Twirl About Tessa's Elegant Ballet Bk.2 - Incredible books in this series, the detail is AMAZING! Author Jacqui Preugschat has put so much thought and effort - from basic positions in ballet to hairstyles, making your own lip balm, creating your own ballet shoe design, designing invitations to a big performance. Such lovely, soft, and sweet illustrations throughout. This book is a delight that makes me smile, I want to keep this series for myself and not Miss 7!


My DD6 loves these books!!! We did the ballet moves together - just like Tessa. We both love the Mummy daughter time we have together reading the Tessa books and doing the activities. As a very busy mum of eight - I love easy the Tessa books have made it for me, by including interesting activities and tasty recipes. The free printouts from the website are also a bonus! I would have loved to have had these books as a girl, and have never seen anything like these book before - especially ones that emphasize such positive traits. Needless to say, I will continue to buy these book for my daughter, and as a unique gift for her friends. 

Jenni Robson

Leap for Joy and Twirl About Tessa’s Elegant Ballet is a divine book that inspires and encourages children to partake in creative, practical, and most importantly, stimulating learning experiences. It is a fantastic resource where children can actively participate in a variety of guided activities, whilst still allowing room for imagination. In a digital world, it is imperative we continue to promote hands-on learning that is enjoyable and relatable. Leap for Joy and Twirl About Tessa’s Elegant Ballet develops a vast array of abilities, from literacy to fine and gross motor to real-life skills, whilst also nurturing children’s talents. This gorgeous book by author, Jacqui Preugschat, is a must-have, and is an excellent teaching resource.

Annette Hutchison
BA Teach (Early Childhood and Primary)

I was fortunate to attend the book signing with my wife Michelle and 14 year old daughter Amity. We enjoyed meeting Jacqui and her daughter Angelica. We looked at the book. It is well written and is beautifully illustrated throughout.  Michelle frequently does theme parties for Amity and her family and will be doing more for our 3 year old niece Ava in the future. We agreed the book provides an ideal guide to preparing for and running a tea party for girls (and with some modifications for adults too). We purchased the book and are looking to future instalments in the Tessa's Books of Elegance series. We recommend this book to anyone who wants to run a tea party. Its got info on how to do invites and has recipes for the foods. I can vouch for the cupcake recipe in the book, as Jacqui made some cupcakes for the signing. The one I ate was delicious.

John O'Dwyer

I love this book and will use it for my next Birthday Party invitations and I will always treasure and keep to show to my daughters when I am older as it is very unique.


The Lovely Beautiful and very Elegant Tea Party” is great for some mother/daughter time, we had so much fun getting ready for Crystalyn's tea party, and it was so easy to print off the templates for everything.

We read the book together and made several of the items( over a week or so) just like Tessa!

The guests loved the invitations and other sweet touches, like name place cards we made- it was a real hit with her friends- now they all want to have their own tea parties!

We all had great time- and  I loved watching the girls drink their fruit teas like little ladies- it was super cute.

“Tessa” has activities for older girls too, so it will be a useful resource as Crystalyn grows.

Can hardly wait for the next book- and “Tessa’s” next adventure- loved it, well done!  


'The Lovely, Beautiful and Very Elegant Tea Party' written by Jacqui Preugschat is a wonderful book for children to read and do. There are more than 15 activities throughout the book that cater to the different creative interests of children. Making the bath bombs was one of our favourites, and then watching them when added to water! It is beautifully illustrated by Kirsty Camilleri and the procedures are easy to follow with her detailed drawings.

Some of the other activities are planning your tea party with templates for you to create invitations; getting yourself ready by designing and sewing your own outfit; making food for the party with yummy recipes; and also designing placemats, decorations and name cards for your special party. As a parent and teacher aide, my favourite activity was writing thank you cards. A great social skill for children to learn - showing kindness and gratitude. 

This book is so versatile as you can do all the activities or just the ones that appeal to your child. We do some activities when we have playdates and the children love them! Also a great idea to do at birthday parties. We can't wait for the next book in this delightful series!

M. Sharples

'My daughter (and son) absolutely loved this book. It got their creative juices flowing through their systems again with even just pretend playing of setting up a birthday party. Thank you so much for this book!


K. Fletcher

'My little girl is obsessed with Tessa’s Books Of Elegance, the books are beautifully written and the presentation is delightfully appealing to little girls. Both books are packed with fun craft, recipes and activities with easy to follow instructions. My little girl Nancy is only 6 and just beginning to read but I couldn’t count the hours she has spent leafing through the pages. She is already planning her high tea birthday party with so much excitement! We cannot wait for the next book to see what fun Tessa has in store!'

Aine McLean

Heavenly High Tea Hire - Event Planner

"I’m so proud of local Brisbane author Jacqui for creating this delightful book that I’ve been able to give to my daughter Octavia. The things I loved most about it are that it’s so much more than just a beautifully illustrated read, it’s also educational, in an entertaining way with practical elements to keep little, growing minds busy and teach them new skills. I encourage everyone, whether a birthday is coming up or just a surprise, to have this book on hand as the perfect present."

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner - Brisbane

"I gifted Tessa's Books of Elegance to my Great Niece last year and together with her mum they have enjoyed reading and role-playing the Tea Party theme many times.  The recipes in the book have been used and always with great success. I am sure the book will be passed on through future generations in our family.  Thank you Jacqui for a delightful book and thank-you to my friend who introduced me."

Dale from Greenwood, WA

"My 2 Grand Daughters aged 6 and 10 have both enjoyed Tessa's Books of Elegance, using the templates for various projects and copying the sketches when drawing at home.  A very pretty and beautifully illustrated children's book but also a fun read for Gran......the recipes very handy also. I recommend this delightful book for any age. Hope to see more books in the future Jacqui....keep up the creativity!"

Anne from Sorrento, WA

"Tessa's Books of Elegance is a delightfully written book about a Tea Party which I can relate to and a wonderful way for my grand-daughter to experience the pleasures and traditions of a Tea Party.  It is beautifully illustrated and a nice change from the immense amount of children's books that are currently being offered to children.'s a real girlie girlie book. I highly recommend anyone to purchase for their daughter or grand-daughter."

Maxine Constantine,  Doubleview.  WA

The Lovely, Beautiful and Very Elegant Tea Party. What girl doesn't like holding a tea party and this delightful book has EVERYTHING to hold an Elegant Tea Party. This book shows you how to make an invitation; (aw I just found the ribbon book mark in the book - that adds a special touch to the book) making bath bombs; to an apron; recipes for sandwiches, scones and cupcakes AND SO MUCH MORE...

OH MY Goodness Gracious this is so charming and sweet a LOT of thought has gone into "The Lovely, Beautiful and Very Elegant Tea Party". This would be a so cute to give to a soon to be 21 year old. I wish I had this book to give to Mel, she would have loved this for her baby shower.  You know even a for a friend that's turning 40, or so my imagination runs away with doing this and holding a Jane Austen dressed up "Very Elegant Tea Party"!


‘Leap for Joy and Twirl About Tessa’s Elegant Ballet’ Bk.2 is another truly Beautiful book in the Tessa’s Books of Elegance range. From designing Tutus and Ballet shoes, making invitations, to cooking just to name a few of the entertaining and practical features of this beautifully illustrated gorgeous book. Written by this very talented and capable author Jacqui Preugschat who imparts a warmth and confidence while encouraging her young readers, drawing on her experience as a teacher and mother. This book follows the very successful “The Lovely, Beautiful and Very Elegant Tea Party” Bk.1
Well done Jacqui can hardly wait for your next book.

Mimi Vincent

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