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Tessa's Books of Elegance are written by Jacqui Preugschat and illustrated by Kirsty Camilleri. The first book in the series, Tessa's Lovely, Beautiful and Very Elegant Tea Party, is now available for purchase! 

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- Reviews -

The most beautifully written and illustrated book I have read for children. So refreshing & not just a book but so entertaining guaranteed to show the little reader new crafts & great ideas to put into practice never a dull moment. Congratulations to the author Jacqui, well done, can’t wait to read the other books in your series.

Mimi Vincent, January 2019

I was fortunate to attend the book signing with my wife Michelle and 14 year old daughter Amity. We enjoyed meeting Jacqui and her daughter Angelica. We looked at the book. It is well written and is beautifully illustrated throughout.  Michelle frequently does theme parties for Amity and her family and will be doing more for our 3 year old niece Ava in the future. We agreed the book provides an ideal guide to preparing for and running a tea party for girls (and with some modifications for adults too). We purchased the book and are looking to future instalments in the Tessa's Books of Elegance series. We recommend this book to anyone who wants to run a tea party. Its got info on how to do invites and has recipes for the foods. I can vouch for the cupcake recipe in the book, as Jacqui made some cupcakes for the signing. The one I ate was delicious.

John O'Dwyer, February 2019

I love this book and will use it for my next Birthday Party invitations and I will always treasure and keep to show to my daughters when I am older as it is very unique.

Charlotte, February 2019

The Lovely Beautiful and very Elegant Tea Party” is great for some mother/daughter time, we had so much fun getting ready for Crystalyn's tea party, and it was so easy to print off the templates for everything.

We read the book together and made several of the items( over a week or so) just like Tessa!

The guests loved the invitations and other sweet touches, like name place cards we made- it was a real hit with her friends- now they all want to have their own tea parties!

We all had great time- and  I loved watching the girls drink their fruit teas like little ladies- it was super cute💖

“Tessa” has activities for older girls too, so it will be a useful resource as Crystalyn grows.

Can hardly wait for the next book- and “Tessa’s” next adventure- loved it, well done!  

Jenni, February 2019

'The Lovely, Beautiful and Very Elegant Tea Party' written by Jacqui Preugschat is a wonderful book for children to read and do. There are more than 15 activities throughout the book that cater to the different creative interests of children. Making the bath bombs was one of our favourites, and then watching them when added to water! It is beautifully illustrated by Kirsty Camilleri and the procedures are easy to follow with her detailed drawings.

Some of the other activities are planning your tea party with templates for you to create invitations; getting yourself ready by designing and sewing your own outfit; making food for the party with yummy recipes; and also designing placemats, decorations and name cards for your special party. As a parent and teacher aide, my favourite activity was writing thank you cards. A great social skill for children to learn - showing kindness and gratitude. 

This book is so versatile as you can do all the activities or just the ones that appeal to your child. We do some activities when we have playdates and the children love them! Also a great idea to do at birthday parties. We can't wait for the next book in this delightful series!

M. Sharples, March 2019

'My daughter (and son) absolutely loved this book. It got their creative juices flowing through their systems again with even just pretend playing of setting up a birthday party. Thank you so much for this book!


K. Fletcher, March 2019