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Enough Is Enough – Stop The Bullying

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Yes, there are a multitude of anti-bullying programs, anti-prevention programs/ plans and laws in place with millions of dollars poured into media campaigns to raise awareness, however, bullying is still happening just as much as before and now some of the bullies are faceless on social media. Twenty-five years ago I was part of an extensive anti-bullying program (from the USA) in a few schools, over the course of a year and it virtually did nothing. There were still children bullying other children, adults bullying other adults (these were my colleagues who were meant to be assisting in delivering the anti-bullying program!), parents bullying other parents, bashings, and threats on a weekly basis. How can we expect children to stop bullying other people when there are still so many adults bullying others? Over many years I have seen and experienced bullying in many organisations and on an individual level. Today we still see politicians, teachers, so called ‘Christians’, celebrities, managers, co-workers, neighbours, family members etc. (and the list goes on) bullying and being bullied. Enough is enough – stop the bullying.

“‘Bullying refers to any intentional and repeated behaviour which causes physical, emotional or social harm to a person who has, or is perceived to have, less power than the person who bullies (Australian Education Authorities 2019; Kids Helpline 2019; Australian Human Rights Commission 2012).’”

I had just written this blog and then a wonderful news article written by Dr. Kelly-Ann Allen for The Age newspaper, came to my attention on the same topic

It is so true - children learn from the actions of adults. By adults treating other people with kindness, showing empathy, respect and understanding they are sending a clear message to children – that there is no place for bullying. You might think children are not paying attention however they are! They watch how we act and treat other people and hear what we say. Everything we do and say sends a clear message to children about your views on bullying one way or the other. What messages are you sending to children?

Enough Is Enough – Stop The Bullying
Enough Is Enough – Stop The Bullying

Bullying can have such a devastating effect upon other people and some people handle it better than others. Reactions can range from physical, emotional, academic, mental and behavioural problems. However it still has an effect to some degree upon people and must stop.

I hear so many people say “Treat others with kindness”, “Be kind to one another”, then they themselves go on to bully someone! Words come easy, what we need is action and to tackle this problem head on.

I been watching a popular news program on television for many years now and they have covered many stories on bullying, however they themselves have a particular segment where they consistently make fun of people using little ‘clips’ from news stories, making fun of how people talk, what they say or how they look. Don’t you think that is a little hypocritical?

I’m all for having a laugh – but not at someone else’s expense- it’s called bullying. I’m all for having healthy mature debates about different topics but not when it turns into attacking someone for what they believe in – it’s called bullying.

Yes I’ve read the law on bullying and yes and some extreme cases of bullying can be classified as a criminal offence, which is meant to be a deterrent. However, it can be a long drawn out process, due to lack of evidence and in some cases it just being based on hearsay. Yet bullying is still happening.

In addition in January 2014 the Commonwealth Government took steps towards eradicating the problem by introducing a stop-bullying jurisdiction into one of its principal pieces of employment legislation, the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act). Yet bullying is still happening.

I’ve read studies that have been conducted, the results, the recommendations, personally have implemented a program and did a Master’s degree on it, attended conferences, staff meetings, blah, blah, blah, blah. Yet bullying is still happening.

There needs to be an accountability put into place for people who bully others – now.

Don’t get me wrong – awareness needs to continue and some organisations, authors and individual people dedicated to this topic have done some wonderful work. However more needs to be done individually. It’s up to everyone, right from the youngest child to the founders/ CEO’s of powerful organisations who make a living from Social Media. Not just talk but action.

Everyone has a responsibility to stop this and a shift in mindset is needed. No longer should anyone turn a blind eye to it – just because it’s not happening directly to them. Nor think there’s nothing they can do about it, as it happens to everyone and that’s just how it is and anyway it’s just a bit of fun or character building. These ways of thinking are all incorrect and very backward ways of thinking. Bullying hurts and if you turn a blind eye to it, you are no different to the people who are bullying. Just because someone has different beliefs, opinions, political views, ways of living, looks different etc. doesn’t mean we have to attack, hate, hurt, damage their property, reputation etc. causing them harm. In saying that if you witness physical bullying – please stay safe and call the appropriate authorities.

After reading this article – everyone has a choice. How are you going to contribute to putting a stop to bullying and ending the pain and suffering people go through? Hopefully not by ignoring the problem and pretending it’s not happening. What messages are we sending to our children? How many more people do we have to lose through bullying?

Enough is enough – stop the bullying.

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