Jacqui  Preugschat is a Brisbane based happily married mother of 4 beautiful children, who has a passion for encouraging girls to use their talents. 

She is also a qualified Special Education Teacher, University Lecturer 

and Short Course writer for TAFE. 

As a little girl, Jacqui spent her school holidays in her grandmother's dress shop surrounded by elegant things and loved making and creating beautiful things.

Recently Jacqui has directed 3 musicals at the Princess Theatre, was a buyer for a Bridal Store and window dressed a babies, girls, and bridal store in South Australia.

Currently, she home schools her 2 girls, directs a Choir on a weekly basis, teaches drama and runs a girls DIY Arts and Craft group fortnightly, where young girls learn to make beautiful projects.

"I’m so proud of local Brisbane author Jacqui for creating this delightful book that I’ve been able to give to my daughter Octavia. The things I loved most about it are that it’s so much more than just a beautifully illustrated read, it’s also educational, in an entertaining way with practical elements to keep little, growing minds busy and teach them new skills. I encourage everyone, whether a birthday is coming up or just a surprise, to have this book on hand as the perfect present."

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner - Brisbane

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